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The Problem with the Education System

In response to this TedX talk by Eddy Zhong:


There should not be a clear duality of life choice as defined by these two paths, and I do not believe that it is suggested that a creative path is superior; it is only that the academic path is flawed and inadequate to serve the needs of a human. There are clear benefits to academic education as well. However academic performance is given far too much credit and is a product of an antiquated and inefficient education system which does not necessarily nurture the natural talents of a student. We spend far too much time learning things that have little relevance to our lives or careers.

A purely academic career that views lives and concepts as a collection of purely mechanical and measurable components dangerously separates mankind from the natural and creative world from which he/she biologically originates from. Without appropriate application of academic pursuits to the real world, the optimal leverage of applied knowledge cannot be achieved.

We should encourage students to discover their own strengths, purpose and natural talents through exploration of individual creativity, and integrate targeted and appropriate adoption of technical academic knowledge in a tailored fashion to each individual’s natural inclinations in such a way that we may optimise their abilities. Nurture our nature, not balance the influences of nature vs nurture as opposites, as we well know they are deeply interconnected.

This post is in relation to this article in Entrepreneur magazine about Adriana Huffington (of the Huffington Post) who was interviewed by Oprah.

It’s important to take a step back and realise what’s really important, balance ourselves, and think harder about what “success” means – it’s such a vague word. 

For me, breaking away from a soulless, empty, work and money driven lifestyle (paradoxically a means to this end admittedly) to make time to work more on chronic physical, social, and mental issues I have, has been incredibly enlightening.

It has taken time to find answers to important existential questions, spiritual introspection, and find fulfilment in doing things that I’ve wanted to do but never did enough of.

To me, success has become overcoming my issues, discovery of my genuine life purpose and values, and finding how I can live with these in mind, in harmony with the harshly financial and image conscious reality of our modern society.


Random adventures in my life – THE SALES BLUEPRINT

Accidentally ended up at another network marketing presentation, I wonder why they all follow the same formula, regardless of what they are selling. I also wonder how I keep ending up at these things.

So it goes something along these lines:
1. Overly friendly and excitable initial contact (I was suspicious immediately), no description why they want to take us to a presentation except that it is really cool and will change your life. Curiousity and enthusiasm may hook you.
2. At the presentation, start with lots of hype and random cheering from the friends the presenters have brought along (still no description of product) and telling you how much your life sucks, and how absolutely this will make it all better, and you will be sailing on a yacht in the Mediterranean in no time.
3. Explanation of how the product/business system will change your life (still no description of product) with lots of talking and images and videos of beaches and fancy shit
4. Testimonials from friends about how the product/business changed their life (still no description of product) from being a depressed piece of shit to the champion/king/goddess that now stands before you
5. Finally a one line description of product (“it just works”)
6. Finally admit it’s network marketing and tell us all how great this model is, and how you will love the product and share it with your loved ones because you care about them so much
7. More random hype and cheering
8. SIGNUP TIME!!! Those already convinced have are now consumed by excitement.
9. A hard sell if you decline, one-on-one hardcore sales pitch about telling you how shit your life is, all your fears, and how this will be a once-in-a-lifetime thing that you have to sign up for RIGHT NOW

As soon as I stepped in I knew what was coming… and I was right, again. So all in all, a very educational experience. Now I have learned THE BLUEPRINT.