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Good morning all.

This is my standard breakfast, and my favourite meal of the day (I like to wake up and be excited to have breakfast):
Oats, psyllium husk, peanut butter (full fat), greek yoghurt (full fat), honey, blueberries.

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Black coffee is optional (depending on your opinion on the benefits of coffee, timing of coffee during the day etc.)
I would also suggest adding a glass of water.

This breakfast should theoretically provide:
– high energy with low GI
– balanced macronutrient profile (carbs, natural fats, natural protein)
– satiety to keep you full through the morning
– micronutrients
– antioxidants
– fibre, probiotics

*As a fitness trainer and former medical practitioner with no formal dietary education, I am required to inform you that these ideas represent my opinion only, and for definitive dietary advice you should seek the services of a professional registered dietician.

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